Starting a Window Cleaning business

Starting any new venture as a self employed person will always be a daunting task.

Do I start small with a squeegee blade and ladder?
Can I afford to buy a water fed pole system?
Will I like working in winter and hot summer days?
What price should I charge?
What competition have I got?
What training courses should I take?
What insurance cover should I have?

Here at the Master Guild of Window Cleaners we will assist you in achieving your ambition to be a professional window cleaner.

One of the first tips would be to read literature and talk to your competitors and your potential customers. Research is key to understanding your direction.

One of the best “first reads” would be Richard Sorrell’s “Winning at Window Cleaning”

Winning at Window Cleaning

Winning at Window Cleaning

Winning at Window Cleaning – for increased business profitability

Jargon free and easy to follow, Winning at Window Cleaning takes you through the process step by step. The book has plenty of detailed examples, all with clear explanations showing you how to create a successful window cleaning business from day one.

Remove the mystery about pricing for window cleaning and highlight the most common errors committed by you, and never mistake activity for achievement. You’ll learn:



  • Why pricing is just as important as cleaning the windows
  • How to set your price for each new customer, and why you should be doing this
  • Why your time and labour are the key to profitability
  • How to avoid common business mistakes

Take advantage of this unique book and go on to build a successful business.

“Go beyond asking basic questions” with this practical guide, and learn how to use the all the numbers within your business as a basis for decision making, to grow your business and increase profits.

To order your MGWC discounted copy for £20 (rrp £34.95) please email us and request a copy –