MGWC meets with HSE in London

Cleaning industry liaison forum


HSE and the Cleaning Industry Liaison Forum provide advice and guidance on health and safety within the cleaning industry. Sitting on the Board are interested parties from all aspects of the cleaning industry. Here issues are discussed in an open forum relating to topics or issues that affect the cleaning industry as a whole.

Ian Wicks, who today, we formally announce as a Board Member, attended yesterday with Lee Burbidge in Westminster, London.

Having met the HSE yesterday, we feel we have the beginnings of a productive relationship and the MGWC will look forward to getting involved with the forum.

It was really nice to see Paul Thrupp OCS representing the Federation of Window Cleaners there ( the only person we recognised ) The forum is very friendly and very productive and focused.

From that meeting we can tell you that the Working At Heights Regs have been updated and although not yet updated on the HSE website for a couple of weeks yet, we intend to get this out to our members. Please familiarize yourself with its content.

Another area we will look into that came from out of the met was the use of chemicals such as bleach and it’s mentioned links to asthma. With soft washing gaining popularity amongst window cleaners here in the UK, more and more will be exposed to chemicals. MGWC feel we should look into this further and provide its members with any H&S information in order to protect window cleaners better. We will pick up on this topic in the next CILF meeting at the Cleaning Show in Manchester 2016.

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