Code Of Conduct

By becoming a member of the M.G.W.C. you agree to the following Code of conduct

1. I agree to project a positive image of window cleaning and the M.G.W.C. with other window cleaners and clients by maintaining a high level of professionalism and honesty.
2. As a member of a Global Guild, I agree to obey the laws of the country in which I work in relation to:
•Having adequate Insurance and liability cover
•Adhering to Health & Safety regulations or their local equivalents
•Abiding by any other legal requirements applicable to that country, such as licensing.
3. With regards to liability:
•Guild members are responsible for their own actions.
•M.G.W.C. is not liable for the actions, opinions, or misconduct of its members.
4. While forum use is not a condition of membership of M.G.W.C. ACS Forums is an important and valuable tool for the Guild. It is a primary method for keeping members up to date with Guild business. Members using the forum should:
• Never use the forum for personal attacks
• Ensure that reviews of suppliers or products, even if negative, are constructive.
• Take part in maintaining the good conduct of the forum.
5. The administration reserve the right to terminate membership of the Guild without notice or refund for,
•Failure to obey laws
•Failure to provide evidence of insurance, etc
•Creating a poor impression of MGWC
•Abusive actions in any forum