About Us

windowThe History
The Master Guild of Window Cleaner was first conceived back in 1998 by members of ACS Forums

The Guild was never intended as an alternative to the trade associations active at the time but instead it was built from the start to be something quite different. The founding members looked closely at the huge changes that the industry had faced in recent years such as the introduction of affordable “water fed pole” systems, the changes to the health & safety work at height regulations (WAHR), and the huge increase in advertising & marketing which most sole traders never had to compete with before.

The purpose of the Guild became clear – to share information about the WAHR regulations, to promote safer working practices in the industry, and to help small companies & “one man bands” to market their businesses effectively & remain visible to their potential customers despite increased competition.

Our Goals

Increase Awareness
Our biggest aim as an organisation is to increase awareness of the dangers involved in work at height, and to promote alternatives.

Every year falls from ladders cause death & serious injury within the cleaning industry and the unfortunate fact is that nearly all reported accidents could have been avoided if some careful planning & forethought had been used. We urge all our members to seriously consider how they work and to make every effort to minimise work at height.

Promote your business
We want your business to be a success so we’re doing all we can to help you promote yourself both online & in the real world.

Our online member listings rank high in Google searches and are viewed by thousands of potential customers every month. Our new “Deals” system allows Guild members to create exclusive, printable special offer coupons – you can even include a barcode or QR code in the listing!
Our branding logos and stationary pack help you make your paperwork look professional and can make a real impact when submitting commercial quotations.

Promote Professionalism
The days of the old bloke with a flat cap, bucket and a dirty rag are behind us – but is public perception of our industry still behind the times?

The last 2 decades have seen the window cleaning industry revolutionised, and what was once a very humble profession is now big business. We hope that by encouraging our members to provide a polite, regular, reliable & professional service to their customers, we can begin to take small steps toward improving public perception of the trade.

Build a community
Our members are our most valuable resource – your experience and knowledge should be shared!

Before the Guild was even conceived, its creators were talking about their businesses, sharing ideas, sharing photos, asking questions, and reviewing products via the online message-board ACS Forums.
This message board has gone through a few upgrades since then, but its still the place to go to ask questions, get advice, and hang out with people who truly understand your business. Best of all – its completely FREE!